Sunday, 7 February 2010


T's quilt is complete, very quick quilt compared to F's. I felt quite bad that I was being unfair that T's quilt was so basic. It became known as the rainbow quilt as we went on because of his choice of fabrics and colours - at first I found it hard to work with as they are not me at all. As the quilt developed (I makethem up as I go along!) I decided it did, after all, have room for some of Mummy's lovin'!!

I embroidered the song 'Somewhere over a rainbow' around the edge of the quilt. It took a while - mostly the workings out of the spacing but very worth it and I think finishes it off. We are often singing it out loud in appalling, overly out of tune voices!
It was quilted with a rainbow pattern too - well what else?

I had a little 'help' with this quilt when putting all the layers together.

Why do they do this? Ollie was not going to budge and looked aloof at me. When working out the strips on the kitchen floor I had Moo sitting in front of me with a wild look of mischief in her eye. She had decided this was playtime and decided to run about like a loon. Hey, it's not often you find the human down on the floor with you!

The forever scarf is still going on - no it is not finished but I believe I am close! I want it to be a wide scarf so must. keep. going.

This week I bought a very special crochet pattern (after not being able to find a free one on Ravelry or anywhere else!) and I have done a couple and they are very beautiful. BUT I can't quite show you yet..... ok a sneak preview.


two hippos said...

What a great idea to quilt a wonderful rainbow quilt with a rainbow!

Things Hand Made said...

i love the words embroidered on it. Its hard to work with colours that you are not keen on but the result looks good

periwinkle said...

now Milo would love that quilt as he is into bright colourss too :-)