Friday, 8 January 2010

the big white blanket and other things...

Enjoying it immensely!
F+T don't go back to school till next Tuesday - that's if the school opens with all this snow!

We have enjoyed a very winter wonderland of a Christmas in Scotland - a harrowing journey up and down but worth it! Huge walks in the snow which gave us satisfaction that we could sit around the fire in the late afternoons and not feel any guilt! We went sledging every day down Earthquake House hill, Maisie Moo collected huge snowballs on her legs which left her unable to walk until we cleared them off - usually resulting in defrosting her in the sink when we got home!

And you'll never guess!

I have finally finished F's Material Obsession
quilt that I started a while back! I promised myself the quilt would be the only thing I'd take to do over Christmas and I did. Although I also took a sloppy beret to knit too!
I'm now ready to start T's quilt but the fabric I ordered is being held up by the snow. It's going to be a pretty bright quilt as T has chosen the fabrics and he has wild taste! I have had to say no to some of his choices!

Not only that I am halfway through embroidering some linen to finally cover the piano stool. It's more crewel than embroidery and taken from these books The New Crewel and Woolly Embroidery. I now need a trip out to get some edging for the stool once I have finished it.

Friends schools were closed yesterday so we spent pretty much the whole day out sledging and making snowmen. We were pretty cold and tired once we got home so put the fire on and made hot chocolates.

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm.


two hippos said...

What a fantastic quilt! Looks like you all had lots of fun in the snow too, we didn't get very much in West London just lots of ice to skate on.

periwinkle said...

glad you had a lovely time in Scotland -- that quilt looks great well done you -- the hat looks good too ( what is the pattern) looking forward to seeing quilt no 2

driftwood said...

ooh that quilt is gorgeous - love love love the birds xxx